SS 2011 - Intelligent Human Computer Interaction

Room and Time 

Lecture: 52/207, Tuesday, 13:45-15:15, starting at 26.04.2011
Exercise: 32/411-PC, Tuesday, 15:30-17:00, as required
Please get an SCI-Account for the exercises.


Didier Stricker, didier.stricker(at) 
Gabriele Bleser, gabriele.bleser(at)
Tobias Nöll, tobias.noell(at)
Johannes Köhler, johannes.koehler(at)
Markus Weber,


  • 02.05.2011: The first exercise sheet will be published on 10.05.2011. Deadline will be 17.05.2011.
  • 10.05.2011: The final examination will be in written form.
  • 10.05.2011: Unfortunately it is not possible to choose another date for the exercice sessions. However your attendance to the exercice sessions is NOT required to qualify for the examination. In order to obtain the solutions for the exercise sheets, please form the groups in a way that at least one member can participate in the exercise sessions. Group sizes can be up to 6 persons. 
  • 16.05.2011: On 07.06. the lecture will take place at the DFKI, room ZUSE (it is located on the right side of the entrance hall).
  • 27.05.2011: The second exercise sheet was uploaded. Deadline is 05.06.2011.
  • 07.06.2011: Uploaded proposals for solutions.
  • 01.07.2011: The last lecture on 19.07.2011 will be a question session and summary. Please prepare your questions and send them to Johannes and Tobias no later than Friday, 15.07.2011 . The lecture will take place at the DFKI, Room Zuse (located in the basement, right hand side of the entrance hall).



The slides are added here shortly before or after the corresponding lecture.



The exercises are added here shortly before or after the corresponding lecture.


Proposals for solutions:

The proposals for solutions are added here shortly after the corresponding exercise session.