Welcome to the Augmented Vision Lab

The Augmented Vision Lab is led by Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker and is part of the Section Intelligent Systems of the Department Computer Science and part of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).
Our core research topics range from visual analysis, including detection and tracking of objects in video sequences, over 3D computer vision, including 3D reconstruction of environments, objects and human body shapes, to motion, activity and workflow capture based on on-body and external networks of cameras, inertial and bio sensors. Using these diverse capturing technologies, we also develop innovative human-computer-interfaces, e.g. based on Augmented Reality techniques.

Our research is mainly funded by European, national and regional collaborative projects and is transferred to industrial applications by executing studies and projects together with industry partners. A list of projects can be found here and results as videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

In our lectures we teach basic concepts in the above areas, enriched with state-of-the-art research results. Within seminars, projects and theses, students get the chance to delve into latest research topics and develop own solutions in the context of real applications, while being guided by experienced researchers of our lab.

Theses and jobs